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Madagascar is a big island. If you have never been to Madagascar before, it is tricky to plan you route and estimate your travel time on the basis of Google Maps and Travel Books only. As what might look like an accessible road, actually is not during some times of the year. Therefore, use one of our suggested routes as a starting point and browse through the practical information page. We set out some really nice circuits, including the justifiable popular RN7 but also lesser discovered areas, whereby we try to avoid flights where possible. We have travelled the country up and down and know all corners of Madagascar and we are happy to point you in the right direction as you plan for your self-drive holiday.

The Classic RN7

This classic one-way route will whisk you from Antananarivo down to Tuléar at the Mozambique Channel along the famed RN7. The sheer variety of national parks that is dotted along the RN7 is just incredible. 15 days is recommended to follow this route.
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RN7 Circuit

There are so many things to see and do along the RN7, that you can make your way down the coast completely different from your way up to Tana again. Avoid expensive domestic flights and stop at hidden gems, less visited. Allow 18 days.
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The Grand Circuit

When completing this Grand Circuit, you will be amazed by the sheer variety in landscapes and people of Madagascar. The western coastal route is 4WD territory, with sandy tracks, rivers, vezo fishing villages and babobabs. Possible to travel from May till November. Allow at least 3 weeks.
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The Tropical Extension

The East is the most tropical part of Madagascar. Home to coffee, lychee and precious vanilla plantations and famous for the Canal the Pangalanes. Conclude your roadtrip with a visit to Ile Sainte Marie!
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Restricted areas for self drive

There are a few areas which are not suitable for independent travel and we don't allow roadtrippers to go there with our rental cars. Please read which areas require to go with a skilled driver or in convoy.
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